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Our Executive report is very comprehensive and unique  - based on returned data we will investigative further to get additional information.  Your Executive Search is not given to a computer  - it is assigned to an actual licensed investigator who performs the searches and personally reviews the report before it gets sent back to you.


ExecCHECK360 Comprehensive Package Includes:

  •  Nationwide Criminal Search

  •  Federal Criminal Search

  •  County Criminal Search

  •  County Civil Record Search

  •  Civil Litigation Report

  •  News & Media Search

  •  Nationwide Sex Offender Search

  •  SSN Verification

  •  Name and Address Verification

  •  Military Record Search (if needed)

  •  National Terrorist OFAC Search

  •  Nationwide Wants and Warrants Search

  •  Education Verification

  •  Professional License Verification (if needed)

  •  Employment Verification

  •  Reference Checks

Search Fee: $275.00
Report Completed:
3 to 7 business days